04 May 2009

south boston little league.

Finally, this future sports reporter gets to do some real sports reporting. For the past few weeks, I've been working on a story and multimedia piece on South Boston's Little League. I covered one game on opening day at Moakley Park. This particular game was between the Thomas C. Foley Red Sox and the Fire Fighters Cardinals. It was an absolute blast; the parents were eager to talk about their adorable kids, and the adorable kids were happy to be playing despite the fact that it was freezing and a bit rainy.

My favorite part of the day? A toss up between a heavily bundled mom who sat down for five minutes and then declared (during warmups), "I've seen enough, it's cold. I'll be in the car," and the Red Sox catcher who (also during warmups) asked his pitcher, "Have you noticed that these cups don't really work?"

Both the print story and the multimedia can be found here, but more specifically here: click for print, or for multimedia.

Make sure to let me know how I did! :)

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