30 March 2009

covenant in cinnamon twigs.

Okay, so I've been feeling pretty guilty about not posting in, well, a really long time. Though, I'm not really sure who's reading this. Anyway, my next post is in the works and should be up in a week (or less!) In the mean time, I thought I'd share some poetry. Let me know what you think! :)

covenant in cinnamon twigs.

i am a phoenix.

my eyes, red-rimmed and
set aflame, only hinted at
my body’s temperature.
i was on fire.

after we had felt the water
rushing, flowing, changing--
defining boundaries and
borders with bed linens,
cooling the beat in my veins,

after we had felt the water
my kindled feathers crumbled,
nestling me within my own
ashes, knee-deep within
my own reincarnation.

our eyes burned shut-sealed
with (un)sweet dreams,
and our mouths crusted open in
unfulfilled, unfaltering expectation.

but your lips dried the water and
melted my bed of ashes and
fueled the fire that bled into my
you set a match within me.

i am traveling heavy with desire.
i am a phoenix.

1 comment:

megflynn said...

you know that i know nothing about poetry, but this was really aesthetically pleasing. i love the water/fire contrast (and you). :)

p.s. my word verification for leaving this comment is "bicat". does this mean a cat who is bi? can that happen? buffy likes to sniff oreo's butt, so i guess she's a straightcat, although she's never seen a girl cat so there's no way to be sure. i must ponder this further...